Maui Scuba Diving Trips

2 Tank Manta & West Maui DiveManta Ray

Our first destination on this trip will be our visit to a Manta Ray cleaning station where Mantas like to gather to be cleaned by the Hawaiian wrasse fish.

The wing span of the near-shore Pacific Manta Ray averages 5 to 8 feet but can reach well over 14 feet. The mantas have no teeth, no stinger, and a harmless disposition. Their only defense is to flee. This dive will also provide an opportunity to see Hawaiian garden eels, masked angelfish, long-nose hawk fish and many more fish endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. Harlequin shrimp take residence around coral heads and triton's trumpets and nudibranchs are found nestled in crevices.

Our second destination will be captain's choice of many reefs nestled in the protected bays at the base of the majestic West Maui Mountains. This area is rich in coral gardens which provide a canopy of hard coral with nooks and crannies that draw a spectacular array of marine life.

DIVE DETAILS:Maui Dive Videos
DIVE DEPTH - 30-50 foot Average Depth
TIME - 12:30 pm Check in / 1:00pm Departure / 6:00pm Return  (approx. 5 hour duration)
PLACE - Maui Dive Shop Maalaea - 300 Maalaea Road
DAYS - Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Sunday
PRICE - $129.95 Dive - $69.95 Snorkeler (only 1 spot)
(Snorkeler allowed at West Maui Location Only)
INCLUDES: Fruit Tray, Snacks, & Drinks
NEEDS - Swim Suit, Sunscreen, Towel, Sunglasses, Light Jacket and Certification Card
PREREQUISITES: Proof of Open Water Certification or Scuba Diver Certification is required. Don't leave your certification card at home!

Maui Dive Shop

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