The Ocean Awaits

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All The Possibilities

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Certified Dives

Ease into the gorgeous waters of Maui with one of our leisurely excursions or marvel at otherworldly underwater ecosystems during our fascinating night dives that will allow you to admire stunning creatures and marine life that roam after sunset.

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Snorkel Trips

No need to be a diver to enjoy the sea's epic wonders - snorkeling offers all the excitement! Join us on our luxury catamaran for a spectacular snorkel trip. Dive into the radiant undersea world at Molokini nature reserve, then relax as we sail amidst humpback whales and friendly loggerhead turtles. Whether it's above or below the waves, the adventure is endless!

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Scuba Classes

Whether you’ve just begun exploring a new passion or seek to introduce a young diver to a lifelong pastime, we offer a variety of introductory courses and basic training that will help you develop the skills to go under with safety and confidence.

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Whale Watches

Embark on an enchanting Whale Watch adventure! Join us for a captivating journey, where every moment is a chance to witness the majestic beauty of these incredible creatures. Secure your spot and let the ocean's wonders unfold before you!


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Become Certified

With Us

Why not make it official? Take the plunge towards certification. Whether you're starting with our Discover SCUBA course, or our courses in partnership with Dive Wilea focus on safety and refining your skills. Explore the depths, earn your certification, accomplish that personal milestone, and fuel that lifelong passion for the sea. Don't just dream it, your ocean awaits.


Situated amidst the enchanting archipelago of the Hawaiian Islands, Maui emerges as a mesmerizing destination for underwater exploration. This island paradise beckons with immersive snorkeling and diving adventures, unveiling breathtaking marine vistas that will captivate you from the moment you dive beneath its crystal-clear waves.

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So Much To Do

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Horseback Riding

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Fishing Charters

We’re Feeling the love

Great Trip to Molokini

We will be back as soon as we can. Absolutely professional all the way. Great equipment, switched out tanks for us, which was seamless. Our Dive Master was above and beyond.
– okcfarmgirl/TripAdvisor

Great Crew, Great Trip!

As a snorkeler, I felt cared for and supported the same as the divers in our group. So fun to be able to go out with our friends who dive and be included in a spectacular day.
– Leanne NW/TripAdvisor

What an Experience!

After about a 50-minute dive we had a fantastic whale-watching experience and ate some delicious food. Just a very relaxed, professional trip and great people. I highly recommend going out with these folks.
– Ted H/TripAdvisor