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We Were Born For This

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Our History

Maui Dive Shop's history dates back to 1978 when Bob Chambers founded the store at the Maui Mall in Kahului. Initially, it was a small store with limited retail space. After three years of struggling, Bob closed the Maui Mall store and relocate to the Azeka Plaza Kihei, where Maui Dive Shop continued to grow as new locations became available and Maui Dive Shop established itself as a prominent retailer on Maui. Yet, new challenges were on the horizon…

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About the Maka Koa Dive Vessel

Experience the ultimate day at sea aboard the Maka Koa Dive Vessel! This 48' custom pro dive vessel at Ma'alaea Harbor invites you to embark on an unforgettable adventure. With its twin jet-powered engines, you'll cruise through the waters of Maui at an impressive 25 knots. Dive into the crystal-clear ocean from the convenient platform and escape into its wonders.

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Ecotourism and Outreach

Maui Dive Shop and Alii Nui Sailing Charters have been champions in preserving and protecting the environment since the companies were founded in 1978. Our team strives to reduce our impact on the delicate ecosystems of the island of Maui, as well as the environment as a whole. We will continue to implement these practices both internally and externally in our commercial tourism practices.


RED Hospitality

Our Partners

RED Hospitality and Leisure is one of the most renowned hospitality groups operating in the Caribbean and South Florida, providing resort services, ecotourism, and destination services to luxury hotels and islands. Their wide range of expertise has expanded in the Pacific to include Maui’s premier luxury catamaran and diving operation, Alii Nui and Maui Dive Shop.

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